Top Dog

Oh, Richie.

Despite that great start, before long you made the mistake so many others do; getting overconfident and underestimating your opponent.


I’ve not watched one of Calvin’s matches before–popped my cherry with this one, as it were–but from comments and emails since I started talking about watching this match, and my attraction to him, I’ve gathered his previous matches did not go well for the sexy muscle boy. This is also my first time watching pretty Richie in action; I’ve also gathered his matches didn’t go well for him, either. So, thinking this time around would be different for him, after his initial successes getting Calvin to submit isn’t hard to understand, really. We’ve all been there, right?


But when your opponent is strong and thickly muscled, that strength is going to come into play at some point. And Calvin, worn and tired of being used to wipe the mats by a smaller pretty boy, has finally had enough and puts those muscles to work.


And once Calvin starts using his power to get control, poor Richie doesn’t stand a chance.


Ah, to be trapped like this between his strong quads, face oh-so-close to the sweaty crotch. I don’t know whether to pity Richie, or envy him.


And really, the match finally starts going Calvin’s way, with the inevitable defeat of beautiful Richie.


Nicely done, boys! I’ll be watching more of your work in the future.

Gonna Make You Sweat

Someone commented on one of my posts about Calvin Haynes that he generally winds up in the jobber role in his matches at BGEast; despite my growing fascination with him I’m afraid I must confess that until this match with Richie Douglas I’d seen neither one of them in action. Therefore I cannot comment on their other matches, or what kind of wrestler either of them actually are; I can only comment on the images of them posted on the website or shared on other blogs. Both are sexy young men, with terrific bodies, and sexy in different ways. Richie is handsome and sexy in a lean way; Calvin is thicker and more muscled with a great great smile and with the kind of legs that make me imagine them around my waist or head squeezing.

So, for a refresher course, here they both are again:

Just from their portrait images, I would give the nod in the match to Calvin; he looks stronger, and strength/size can be key in matches. Then again, pictures can be deceiving; Calvin may not, in fact, be much bigger than Richie. But as the tape rolls and the two show up at the mats in the backyard of BGEast’s north compound, we see that Richie is slightly taller than Calvin, but I’d say Calvin sports ten to fifteen more pounds of  muscle than his opponent on this fine summer’s day.

And at first, it looks as though Calvin’s strength is going to make this a brutal squash; a beatdown of Richie’s beauty with his screams of agony echoing through the woods and across the pond.


But Richie figure out quickly that if he can’t match muscle with muscle, then speed and agility might be the answer.


Does Calvin’s easy early submissions out of Richie make him overconfident? Or is he, as the commenter here mentioned, just not that great of a wrestler, someone who depends on his power while neglecting the skills?


Richie might not be quite as big, but he’s got skills. And he’s strong, too–look at the brutal strength of this head scissors, as Calvin gamely tries to resist the inevitable submission, his face turning redder by the second as the blood pounds from those viciously strong squeezing quads. Calvin may have underestimated Richie.

I know I did when I started watching.


And as Richie continues his manhandling and mauling of hapless Calvin, who seems incapable of mounting a counter-offensive, my juices begin to stir and rise. A dominant Richie definitely is flipping the script I saw for this match at its beginning, and Calvin’s suffering at his beautiful hands is something to behold. I like Richie’s dark side. I like it a lot.

And he’s relentless.


And he’s enjoying himself. A lot.


Is this next submission going to finish Calvin off once and for all? Or does this stud have some more in the tank?

To be continued…