The Hero Takes a Fall


When last we saw the hairy hunk Silver Eagle, he was getting his ass handed to him by the villainous muscle monster DR. MAGNIFICENT.


In fact. things weren’t looking good at all for Silver Eagle at this point. And after the thrashing he received at the hands of Morgan Cruze, the prospect of any kind of offense–feeble or otherwise–seemed unlikely at this point. I was pretty certain all I was going to see was the Doc continuing to wipe the mats with Eagle–probably taking his mask and maybe even his trunks.


And then, from out of nowhere, Eagle struck back.


Oh, well done, Eagle! Those beatings apparently stoked a fire in his belly, because now that he’s seized control of the match, the rest is a bit different than the start!

(And still, look at Dr. M in this picture. Look at that body, how beautiful it is, how narrow the waist, how round and hard the ass, how deep the armpits. Magnificent indeed.)


I gotta say, it was inspiring watching the Eagle turn the tables on the doc. And he kept it up, with the Doc trying, sometimes succesfully, sometimes not–to get back on top.

And there were still more twists to come.

Oh, yeah, I enjoyed this one.

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