Dogs in the Yard

One of the things I’ve always loved, from the very beginning, about BGEast is its variety of matches; different styles, different locations, and different body types. While other wrestling companies tend to focus on one body type–usually guys with enormous muscles and very little flexibility–BGEast has always offered someone for everyone’s taste, whether that taste is thick bodybuilders or lean muscle or twinks or muscled guys who aren’t utterly ripped.

I’ve already talked about how Calvin Haynes punches my ticket; with his thick powerful legs and his thick musculature, he’s kind of a hairy muscle tank with a devilish grin and twinkling eyes.


I wonder, every time I see those powerful legs, how they would feel around my head; around my waist with my back pressed up against his groin, how those nipples would taste.

And then there’s Richie Douglas, the pretty boy, the guy everyone in the club would look at as he moved on the dance floor with no shirt, those tight muscles, those ripped abs, that hard, round little muscle ass.


Just thinking about the two of them wrestling made my cock hard.

Fucking look at them. And on mats in the yard? Oh, fuck yeah.



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