As my obsession with wrestling Mitch Colby grew, as the heat on social media and on the blogs for this match continued to build, something else happened that was insult to injury; gasoline on a slowly moldering fire.

A photographer–and a good one, at that–had reached out to me about doing a Cage photo shoot with him the next time I was in Florida. As I was also writing, in my spare time, a book about gay wrestling which I would eventually publish under Cage’s name, I thought, what a great idea. I modeled some when I was younger, and I got myself into shape.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that not only was I going to be doing the shoot, but I was going to be joined by Mitch Colby.

You can’t fit it into your schedule to wrestle me, but you can do a photo shoot with me?


Insult added to injury; the shoot was at the ring BGEast was using at the time to tape matches.

mitch portrait wow

In all honesty, the photo shoot was a lot of fun. He was a good guy, we got along well, and even had a few laughs. And there was some chemistry.

the wrestlers

So, why the delay in scheduling? Why was it not happening? I was mystified, confused. But then again, looking back on the whole thing, I now think he was just trying to get inside my head.

mitch cameling cage

That’s an important trick in wrestling; if you can get inside your opponent’s head, it’s half the battle. He was driving me crazy, and I was getting incredibly frustrated.

cage sleepering mitch

And when the shoot was done, he smirked at me and said, “okay, we’ll do this. But not in a ring and you don’t wear a mask.”

Fucking finally.

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