To the Victor

Act Three of my match with Jobe was his final destruction.


You want to show off that bulge, dude, you gotta be ready for it to be a target.


I also believe in giving credit where it’s due: Jobe suffers beautifully.

And after all, turnabout is fair play.


Since we were both soaked with in sweat–our own and each other’s–it wasn’t easy keeping him in holds, or even getting him in them. Slick sweaty skin isn’t easy to get a grip on; and I was having to adjust constantly to keep him there balanced over my shoulder. He wasn’t getting down from there until he begged; his pleas like music to my ears.


Is there anything more humiliating than being spanked in the ring? Literally? And he had such a nice ass, too.

And as expected, I was triumphant in the end.


You gotta love winning.

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