Ring of Fire

Jobe Zander is a force to be reckoned with. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. But the guy has crazy mad skills, a great body, and is pretty sexy. Ask him, he’ll tell you.

The day of our match, I walked in on him reading fan email on his laptop in the locker room. I was wearing that leather outfit the Boss got for me, remember this?


Jobe being Jobe, he made some Halloween crack about my outfit that I couldn’t let pass.


You see, that’s the thing about bulges. They make great targets. So I slammed his laptop shut on his, tossed him around a bit and threw him into the ring. I also knew this gear I was wearing wouldn’t work–too many things to grab onto, and never give your opponent something they can use against you–so I changed while he writhed in agony in the ring.

I’ve always been able to get into and out of my clothes pretty fucking fast.


I liked these new gold trunks I had, so I thought I’d break them in on Jobe.

I was beating on him pretty good there for a while.


But you can’t ever get over-confident, especially with a skilled and experienced pro like Jobe.

Cuz them tables can get turned pretty fucking fast.



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